About Prince Ayinde

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I grew up with the mindset of never being afraid to speak two things: my mind and the truth.

With Hip-Hop and R&B constantly playing in the house growing up, I have had a deep connection with Arts and Culture since I was little. With every creative endeavor, I strive to push that envelope while still speaking from a place of truth and growth.

Poetry started as my official outlet for expressing these truths, and I consider December 27, 2013 as my artistic “birthday” as it marks the very first serious poem I ever wrote and performed.

I wrote raps on the side of my poetry, and eventually got to a point where I was comfortable enough to put them on SoundCloud. My very first releases I won’t bother naming because I personally don’t like them as much now (smile) but I acknowledge their purpose as being a way to evolve and track growth.

In December 2018, I put out “Ion Kno Wat 2 Kall It”, which I consider my first “good” song. This was also the first song I ever produced as well, so extra levels of anxiety came with that and I felt weird leading up to its release… but contrary to my expectations, it was well received by a lot of my following.

After that, on the 19th day of every month, I released a song. I wanted to challenge my idea of the status quo so I intentionally made every song different than the last. It gave me more than a lane, but also a palette; expanding on the versatility of my musical taste and playing into my ability to not just write stories, but deliver them and create quality songs.

At the same time, I was writing and performing new material from my poetry. I started appearing at open mics around my city at the same time I was doing monthly releases, and I had so much new material that I started writing a book. The recognition from the appearances and quality of the material landed me a nomination for “Best Male Poet” in my city for the 2019 ROC AWARDS.

By the end of the twelve-month run, both the poetry and music were so well received I ended the year out with my best releases to date: “Unwarranted Approval”, a compilation poetry book filled with 3 years of my most polished pieces (released December 27th), and “The 19th” the best nine of the twelve tracks released throughout the year (released December 31st).

Since then, I’ve been creating some of the best music of my life. Seriously. My most recent song “RIOT”, featuring my good brother Goalden Chyld out of Chicago, was released on July 4th. In a nutshell, the song is my interpretation of the current state of America as it relates to black and oppressed people’s thought process on police brutality; how us being mistreated, abused, and even killed by those “sworn” to protect can cause equal and opposite reactions from those subject to the mistreatment.

Time will tell what is next, but for now, I’ll end by saying how grateful I am to everyone who has taken the time to listen to the music, read/hear my poetry, buy any merchandise, or entertain my content in any way.

I thank y’all. I appreciate y’all. I love y’all🌹